The Grey Matter Studios crew is made up of a community of talented artists living in the Orlando area.

Crew Members

Derin George

Derin has been working with creative media since middle school. In high school

he was president of the Filmmaker's Club and has a passion for film making and

digital media. His favorite aspects about film making are directing,

cinematography and editing. He also makes music for Grey Matter shorts and has

released EPs as well. His twitter handle is @dersssssssss. That's 9 s's.


Jake Massaro

Oh hey... I didn’t see you come in. My name is Jake Massaro and I’m a

Computer Science major at UCF. I’ve been a film lover all my life and my

two passions in film are directing and writing. I’ve been called, “The next

Steven Speilberg,” (Jake Massaro) and “An amazing up and coming talent,”

(Mom). I hope our films aren’t, “A disappointment,” (Dad).

Kyle Lynn

Kyle is excited to be working with his friends on the thing he loves,

candle design. His main strength is writing. He's always loved stories,

especially movies, so it was a natural choice. He loves to act, but he

does apologize for his performances while Grey Matter is on the hunt

for better talent. He hopes to continue working with the extremely

talented people at the studios for a long time and can't wait for future projects.


Lucas Piety

Legend has it, Luke is the ghost that haunts Grey Matter Productions.

He manifests mostly through lighting, but when the crew grabs room tone,

our booms ops claim to occasionally hear unintelligible direction being

muttered into the mic. Fortunately, these have been the worst of his phantom intrusions.

Alex Weger

Alex is a student at The University of Central Florida studying entertainment management. She also works at the Central Florida YMCA as an Aquatic Coordinator on top of being a producer at Grey Matter. At Gray Matter, Alex has participated in multiple roles, but her favorites are costuming, set design, and above all, makeup artistry. While she has been doing beauty makeup for years, she really enjoys projects that test her skills at SFX makeup and design.


Larsen Godfrey

Larsen is a Human Communication student at the University of Central Florida. In 2019, Larsen took home a Silver Tripod Award for Best Performance at the Campus Movie Fest for his role in “A.I.M.” He has a solo music project and makes music for Grey Matter shorts, occasionally incorporating the two to show off his cat, Boss. @larsengodfrey

More Coming Soon